Dr GOSH, native of the valley of Thann in Alsace, discovers the graffiti and the street art at the end of the 90s in the street ,magasins and reports. From this moment the studies in the field of the energies pass in the background. Quickly creation of letters, decorations(sets), graphic composition, and especially of stencils overrides the rest and the files of fluid mechanics are then transformed to sketchbook.


After some years of searches(researches) the enchainement of the letters G, O, S, and H in the different works give birth to the name written on every graffiti. The title “doctor“ arrive some years later in touch with the scalpel used to cut stencils.


Inspired by several artists of the graffiti and street art scene, such as RESO, DRAN, BOM.K, BLACK lE RAT, JEFF AEROSOL, and especially BANKSY, it is quite naturally that Dr GOSH turns more particularly to characters and stencils, considering that these were more speaking that the letterings and thus accessible(approachable) in public wider and more heterogeneous one. The purpose being to help in the democratization of these new ways of expression too often perceived as being of the vandalism.


The work of these various techniques influences the exploration of diverse circles as the metal, the techno environment(middle), the reggae as well as by numerous journeys in Asia (in particular in India, in Thailand and in the Vietnam) gave birth to the various works which are presented to you today.


At present Dr GOSH works on diverse projects of decoration between France and Asia and investigates at the same time new domains and new techniques such as the light graffiti by privileging the works in association with the other artists (see contacts).